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If you are moving in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Ann Arbor or Flint Michigan areas or any points in between, then you need to be sure to call U-Save Moving and Storage!

U-Save Moving and Storage are Mid-Michigan Movers that can do it all for cheaper than the other guys:

We also service the greater Lansing area like Grand Ledge, Diamondale, Eaton Rapids, Charlotte, Potterville, Dewitt, St. Johns, East Lansing, Haslett, Okemos, Holt, Portland, Ionia, Mason, Bath and all points in between.

So remember U-Save Moving and Storage when you are looking for the top budget movers in Lansing, MI

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Local Lansing Moving Companies Guide

So where do you find the top local Lansing Moving Companies?

Do you use the Yellowpages? Craigslist? Google? Friends or Family? Maybe Angie’s list? Where to you find the Lansing movers that you can trust?

There are great moving companies in Lansing, that is not in doubt, but in our opinion I think that there is only one truly great moving company in Lansing Michigan…

And that is the famous U-Save Moving and Storage.

Lansing Moving Companies

They have been in business since 2008.

Jae Burnham, the owner of the company, started this business with only a pay-as-you-go phone and FORD Explorer. He had to use the computer at the local library at a half hour at a time. Then three years ago, due to some serious bad decisions, he had to start the business up again from scratch. He was literally homeless and penniless, having to beg and borrow and almost steal to get this company going Jae has had to overcome major obstacles to build up a thriving business.

But this is not about him but what he and his movers can do for you.

Lansing Moving Company can be found in U-Save Moving and Storage. Give them a call today.

How much do movers cost in Grand Rapids

Find the Cheapest Movers in Grand Rapids Michigan!


How much do movers cost is a popular question asked by almost everyone that wishes to move. And it should be. The unfortunate part is that is only criteria that many people base their choice of movers on…and that leads to scams.

Another poor choice for many people is hiring unlicensed and uninsured movers off of Craigslist. Click here to find good info on Craigslist movers.

But your most affordable movers that are both licensed and insured are none other than U-Save Moving and Storage of Grand Rapids! I have found that these guys are the cheapest Grand Rapids movers, I have also determined that they are also the best Grand Rapids moving company as well. Go figure.

They will do local moves and they can also move you across the state and even across the country if you wish them to and you can afford it.

And here is a bonus they’ll even just do labor to either load or unload your rented moving truck and/or trailer.

You can contact them at the info provided in the video above but if you didn’t catch it there just give them a call at 517-580-4247 or go their website

I hope that this helps.